Wednesday, August 7, 2013

742 East State Street | "A Million Thanks!"

Thanks to our Client Russ Todd for writing in to express his gratitude and enjoyment of his newly remodeled home in historic East Boise.  Special thanks to Construction Manager Nate Hauder and all the sub-contractors that made this project possible. ~ Tad

"A million thanks for the transformation of an ugly, too small, also run down property to one that is arguably the jewel of the neighborhood. I so appreciate your attention to detail from the day we started to talk concepts to completion of the last item on the punch list - which was completed to the very last item. Almost weekly I get someone stopping by out of the blue to comment on how great the property looks and ogle at the incredible melding of the old structure and the addition. Many do not believe anything was added as it is impossible to tell if you were not familiar with the old structure what is new and what was existing. Your team did an outstanding job respecting my plea to tear up the yard as little as possible allowing me to rehab the yard in one season. I also want to comment on the quality of your contractors from the excavation guy to the framer/finish and electrical folks all were top notch professionals – they all did excellent, quality work.

The architectural concept to reality is so accurate – right down to the flower beds and hanging plants, that anyone wondering what their addition might look like would have absolute confidence the project will turn out as advertised. All in all it turned out better than I could have imagined and I absolutely love it."

~ Russ Todd | Boise, Idaho

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

3205 Winsome

A modern home in Boise Idaho designed by Tad Jones, Architect and built by the owners Todd & Tobey Jinkins. The owners were very hands on and were a pleasure to work with. These photos were taken at an open house to celebrate the completion of the project.

Baseball Dugouts for the City of Star, Idaho | Designed by Tad Jones, Architect

We designed some new baseball dugouts for the City of Star, Idaho. The materials and design match some of the other Civic buildings that we have designed in the past for the City and are based on the Pacific Northwest Style of Architecture. I went out the baseball fields earlier this week and it was really gratifying to see so many people enjoying themselves and spending time together using the baseball fields and the new dugouts.

Below is a video that we put together that illustrates the 3d modeling and visualization process and the completed project.

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Log with Ice Crystals

From Nature Photography

I hiked up into Easter Creek and found this log covered in fine ice crystals. Cold air was trapped down in the bottom of the canyon creating rime on the surface of the log. I like how the curve of the log helps to develop the composition of the photo. I also like how delicate the rime crystals are.


Landscape of Wood

From Nature Photography

This is a photo that I took of an old stump that has been eroded by the elements. It resembles an aerial photograph of a landscape far below. I love how the different grains of wood almost look like taffy being swirled together.


Nest Egg

From Nature Photography

I hiked up near Thorn Creek and found these pockets in the dirt that were collecting pine needles next to an old mine. There were also a lot of small round rocks that had been left over from the mining days. To me the pockets resembled a little nest so I built up one of the pockets with more pine needles and placed three of the round rocks into the nest. I photographed it just as the sun was setting and casting a low orange light onto the nest.